Friday, 19 December 2008

Behold the Yamaha Tenori-on

I saw a band play last night at a gig we were putting on for our client.
The highlight of the gig was a girl called Little Boots. You may not have heard of her yet but you will, she’s awesome. The most amazing part of her performance was the instrument she plays; The Yamaha Tenori.
Its basically a digital instrument that sequences sounds that you control using a light board, the interface of the instrument is totally visual.

One of the best things ive ever seen.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Entertainment Brands

Something that’s been burning a hole into our brains this morning is the question over when/if a brand that facilitates entertainment is an ‘entertainment brand’ in itself?
For example, would Apple now be deemed as an entertainment brand as its become one of the largest distributors of music in the world or is Hulu just a platform to view video content online as opposed to an entertainment brand in itself?

Apple is clearly rooted as a technology brand but im sure if you ask most people on the street if they consider Apple to be a gateway of entertainment then im sure they would agree. I guess the question is when does a facilitator or provider of entertainment content become and entertainment brand in its own right?

Does a brand have to produce entertainment content to be considered an entertainment brand? That would discount the likes of Apple, You Tube, E4 (pretty sure they commission all content?) etc. as they all are essentially providers not creators. But if you count Apple as an entertainment brand, down to the popularity of iTunes, you would then need to count HMV as an entertainment brand which in my mind doesn’t ring true!?

Bit of a rambling post but its slowly churning my brain….!

Twit Or Fit?

Excellent someone’s created “Twit Or Fit”. Essentially using the same principles of the dozens of “Rate My” sites and mashing them with actual Twitter profiles.
You can only vote if you register with them. A little nerdy but quite funny.

Monday, 3 November 2008

the Jejune Institute

The Jejune Institute site has all the hall-marks of an ARG, the institute is a pastiche on 70’s design and science with all sorts of odd (Hanso Foundation-like) refrences to happiness and ‘social engineering’.
After a bit of digging it turns out this is actually an art project created by a collective of artists based in San Fransisco, called Oaklandish.
The ‘Institute’ invites people to visit their practice in person for an ‘initiation’ and it turns out you can and people have done this, which essentially takes you around San Fransisco and you explore the city for street art and clues. The detailed post on this is all here.

This has to be one of very few non marketing-initiated ARG’s and fair play to ‘em, will be interesting to see what happens with this.
found by Kylie.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Little (Expensive) Big Planet

Oh dear, (literally) every copy of PlayStation 3’s Little Big Planet will need to be recalled and re-printed.

Quite interesting though that an entire release has been recalled due to a single forum post.
As a client you can look at this two ways, great example of harnessing the power of peer to peer to anticipate issues further down the line or simply an (expensive) annoyance that may not have been spotted/highlighted in days of old 1.0.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Maybe im missing something here but - this is quite possibly the most useless ‘web experience’ ive ever encountered?

What is the point of this? Its just a poor rip-off of Nike Chain which was produced brilliantly and was enjoyable to watch and get involved with – this however is not.

I really, really like the stuff FON and BT are doing in a greater sense - in fact i think its an awesome initiative and I really hope it takes off.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Diesel SFW porn

Brilliant new viral from the whacky lot over at Diesel.
Absolutely love the dodgy cartoon sound effects throughout the film!!
Also, love the fact that it doesn’t try and be clever or witty in any way, just simple, juvenile stupidity at its best.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

the Brits are here

See more Little Britain videos at Funny or Die UK

Excellent to see that we now have our own UK version of Funny or Die and what better two funny people to launch it than Lucas and Walliams.
Ive always really liked the US site but felt that it was pretty much the Will Ferrell Show…online. It didn’t seem like they showcased any talent or other comics (other than s’lebs).
But by the sounds of it the UK version will make a bit more an effort on this front with Hat Trick being involved exclusively from the start.

Awesome stuff

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

its the Shite!

No need to pick up your free-sheet on way home now you have London Shite.

Excellent stuff.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

F*CK OFF!!!!!

if i have to sit through another price comparison website ad, i will gouge my eyes out with a rusty nail.

and why do they all seem to follow the same cheap and nasty theme of placing real people in animated worlds, whether that be physically standing in a computer screen, standing in virtual space with rows upon rows of cars or living in a world of cardboard illustrations?

and why is GoCompare's "special five star rating" any more "special" than all the other fucking rating systems out there?!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Justice = awesome vids

Justice keep producing amazing music videos!!
Love this video for Stress so much.

Friday, 5 September 2008


This is odd. Spotted this poster in a pub for Pepsi’s new RAW drink sporting copy explaining that it was “New and the UK leads the worldwide launch!”

I’m not sure if people actually care if the country we live in is the lead for a new product launch?! plus it just looks weird.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Penguin Dating

Another genius idea from the clever book people at Penguin.
Penguin have created Penguin Dating; a new dating site that matches people together based on their favourite books and authors. There are no fears that the wont work or not have enough of a userbase to make worthwhile as its powered by

I love the idea as its such a simple yet compelling idea. It’s the sort of service that any publisher could have done but only Penguin would have thought of it.
There is a real theme behind a lot of Penguin’s work and it really is simplicity. Even something as potentially complicated as an ARG was made so simple and easy to engage with the We Tell Stories game they created earlier this year.

Its got me thinking if this match-making idea could work with other kinds of publishers such as record labels or even film studios? Perhaps film is too broad but music definitely can bring like-minded people together.

Awesome stuff.

Thanks to Kylie for this!

Monday, 18 August 2008

"I Am"

Not new news, but I’ve been thinking about the latest Orange campaign – “I am Everyone”. Aside from the ads themselves, I was thinking specifically about the strapline on their outdoor/press ads directing people to search for “I Am” online for more information. Initially I thought it was a bit of w*nky ad-thing to do but thinking about it again it’s a really nifty way of encouraging people to take on your creative strategy and bring your brand into the vernacular.

Off the back of the recent news that 88% of people are now searching for brand specific terms online (as opposed to generic terms like “mobile phone tariff”), I think we could see this tactic being used even more as clients and agencies really start seeing the value search/PPC can bring to your brand as opposed to viewing it as just another sales driving platform.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

pimms o'clock

its harder and harder to get really excited about new widgets/applications these days.

but Pimms seem to have created one of the best little widgets i have come across in a long time.

the application allows users to simply type in your post code and the widget will search and display your nearest pubs and parks.

but the smart bit is that it also displays exactly which hours the pub/park is in direct sunshine for. This is obviously based on it being a sunny day!

Ticks all the boxes, its fun, easy to use and most of all its actually quite useful (could do with a few more locations but I think they are adding), oh and its still London only at moment.


So, you get half a million people around the world playing your game and at the same time reviving a typically dying breed of board game among a young, entirely new generation of players.
What do you do then? You make a blindingly obvious mistake.
Wonder how long it will be for them to make an “official Scrabble” widget, and then wonder how long it will take for them to realize that no one downloads it as you have single handedly pissed off every player – oh well, learn the hard way eh?

Friday, 4 July 2008


Ive just read about a new service called Pinger.
Pinger basically allows you to dial a UK number and leave a short voice message then send the message on to any number of your mobile contacts in one go.
Sounds like a nifty piece of kit and Andy at Playpen explains how he can see the service being used as a form of voice Twitter. Im not so sure and when I think about it I really don’t see the use of this.

Firstly if I had voice messages for every Tweet that I get in a day it would do my head in! the nice thing about Twitter is that you can quickly scan Tweets to see whats going on in the Twitter world. Also, Twitter allows you to simply share useful links via tinyurl, imagine mumbling a url down the phone while your mate scrambles to find a pen to jot down the interesting link, nice.
I think it’s a nice idea but im not sure about it becoming a voice form of Twitter and I don’t really see the need for it generally as if you need to let a load of your mates know where you are, simply text, no hassle with having to bumble your way through a message.

I may be totally off the mark and it becomes an overnight success and everyone will point and laugh at me.

(rant over)

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Interesting 2008

Been meaning to write this earlier this week but its been mental!!!

I had the pleasure of attending my first Interesting last Saturday with some mates from work and it was, well, very interesting!
Im told by a mate that this year was even more focused on getting interesting people that we really would never have heard of, last year I think they had some more famous faces, especially from the bloggersphere; which made the whole event even more interesting and unexpected! no long talks on future of comms/marketing etc. all quick firing random, very interesting people talking about everything from coin design to handmade scotch eggs!

It was an early start for a Saturday morning but well worth it. Was nice to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen for a while and very odd kind of recognizing people from pictures on twitter etc.

I haven’t got time to go into the event in too much detail here but you can see all speakers and event details over here anyway. But if you haven’t been and missed last Saturday, definitely worth going next year!!

Thanks to all involved for making it an awesome day! – Conway Hall is a great venue too, felt like being back at school assembly.

Highlights for me;

“sign in” table
Radiohead Nude remix
Coin design
Food Map
Graphic design and music
Funny words
Toilets around the world
Digestives shaped as “T”’s
The Final Countdown

Monday, 16 June 2008

Google continue the Net Neutrality fight

Google have further weighed into the whole net neutrality debate with the announcement that they are going to be providing web users the tools they need to detect for themselves if their connection is being messed with by their ISP’s.

I think this is a bold and positive move form Google in the fight for net neutrality, but I have a bad feeling this wont be a big enough move to make a real difference as I feel the vast majority of people wont have the inclination to fight a battle that has been seemingly low in profile outside of tech circles. However, I hope I’ll be proved wrong and this does indeed turn from a small groundswell movement to a full blown wave of protest!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Guardian and VW - Film Map

The Guardian and VW have teamed up to create an interactive “Film Map”.
The Film Map allows you to search a database of films either via actors, directors, genre, country etc. and then visually maps out the links between films by either same actor, same director, same genre etc.

Its just a really simple and engaging way of visualizing a movie database and the links between films.

VW seem to be really hot at the moment on creating digital comms that easily visualize and sort data, check out their awesome site here, which is a perfect example of collating and distilling tons of info in an easy to use, simple and engaging way.

Monday, 19 May 2008

not magic enough...

Such a shame to read that the ‘magical’ FA Cup final clash between under-dogs Portsmouth and Cardiff attracted record low viewer numbers for an FA Cup Final (just 5 mil).

The finalists had battled away throughout the competition and surprisingly knocked out all the big clubs to reach the final at Wembley last Saturday.

The media had billed this game as proof that the famous ‘magic’ of the FA Cup was not dead; i.e. proving the under-dog can go on to win great things even in this modern age of corporate monster clubs that can afford to have the likes of Shevchenko sat on the bench etc.

However, such a shame to see that this kind of nostalgic ‘magic’ obviously doesn’t mean anything to enough people these days.

3D video out of a piece of paper....

So it looks like this cool new 3D ‘out of paper’ technology is being picked up and used now.
BBC have used the technology to encourage music fans who couldn’t make it to The Big Weekend this year to watch exclusive gigs/interviews with bands via a piece of paper with the printed out logo of BBC Radio 1. See above video of Scott Mills demonstrating it.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Malkovich & Sony team up

Snow Angel
Uploaded by angels_in_the_snow

Sony Vaio have done an interesting piece of digital comms.
They’ve teamed up with John Malkovitch who wrote the first scene for a short movie then Sony invited people to write the remaining scenes of the film for Malkovitch to shoose the winning entries. The pieced together script has been turned into a nice little animated short film…well worth a watch, just for the amazing animation alone.

the Sony site is here

via: Yellow Tutu

As Seen On TV!!!!!

Ive been meaning to upload this photo for weeks but hadn’t got round to it.So glad Somerfield re-assure their shoppers before they choose to buy into the Coca-Cola brand.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Social Network Wars

Brilliant! Very funny video ripping it out of social networks. Worth a laugh….

Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Yet another Twitter Feed visualizer!
This is Twistori. The site claim it to be a “First Step in An Ongoing Experiment” which I personally think is a load of self delusional bollocks quite frankly. However, I do believe this site to be a little gem!!

Twistori tracks Tweets with six specific verbs, “Love”, “Hate”, “Think”, “Believe”, “Feel” and “Wish”. The results are compelling reading and perfect thought starters when looking for inspiration, i.e. great to get a little snapshot of people’s core thoughts and feelings at any point and very randomly.

Well worth a look!

Via: RWW and Kylie

Thursday, 24 April 2008

3D out of a box!

This is amazing! This dude looks as though he has created a form of digital printing that can be morphed into a fully-rendered 3D objects once it has been filmed…im assuming. To be honest, I have no idea how this works but I like it, a lot!!

Via: Big Yellow Tutu

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Just stumbled across a very cool Tweet Buzz tracker/visualizer thingy – Twittermeter, plots out Tweets relating to specified keywords in an easy to read line graph over a period of time.
Easy to present any interesting findings to clients etc. in handy graph format.

Via: Paul

Monday, 21 April 2008

reach for the lasers...

This rocks...

hours of fun and you can record your skills too!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Electric Tiger Land

this is brilliant – Asics have created a one meter illuminated Onitsuka Tiger shoe as part of their ‘Made of Japan’ strategy, the shoe looks amazing and check out the ‘making of’ video; true Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Nippon Ichi!!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Getty offering music search

Off the back of the recent news that Flickr are now offering video uploads to users, Getty now seem to be offering music within their search engine. Check it out here.
Obviously there are no Stones or Dylan tracks on file but it’s a fairly extensive library of independent artists with a wide range of genres.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

the pin drops....

Whoopee-do. News from NMA is that ‘major Premiership football clubs are preparing to incorporate user-generated content and social networking into their sites’. Wow! There’s a novel thought, for a business that is based on what is essentially weekly social gatherings where fans all over the country watch their team play and bond together before and after the match to discuss what went wrong, what went well, how crap the ref was, who to buy/sell next; and only now do the clubs realize the value in giving fans from all over the world to share this experience that comes with following their football team even for people who aren’t lucky enough to go to the game every week or live miles away from England.

The problem is that they have left it so late now that I doubt they will be able to compete with all the unofficial forums, message boards and communities that have been around for a good few years now and who have cemented a very loyal user base. I just cant believe its taken this long for football clubs to realise the potential value in extending the match-day experience around following your team to an online world. What’s more worrying is that major clubs like Arsenal are still ‘refusing to be drawn on it’s strategy’ when asked about this, I thought we were a forward thinking club?...

Monday, 7 April 2008

Tweet Clouds

Tweet Clouds is a great Twitter app. that allows you to generate tag clouds instantly based on words used in (yours or anyone else’s) Tweets.
It’s nice and easy to use. Throws up some worrying results too!

Have a go here

Friday, 4 April 2008


This is one of the funniest online ‘games’ ive ever played, funny because its so painfully bad.
I urge you to read the full instructions on the web page before you fire up the game as the description of the game itself is genius!!

Who thinks of game concepts like this?

Radiohead - Nude

Those crazy, forward-thinking rockers have done it again and are now are offering fans the chance to officially remix their new track, Nude. Fans can go online and vote for the best track. I love the site itself, simple, easy to use and cool.

Great idea to really engage their fans and smart move by Radiohead to take ownership of some great (and not so great) remixes but in doing so they have also ensured that that the remixes will be of a high standard/quality as all the tunes will be put together using high quality samples from the song.

Cannot believe how bad the top rated remix is though…

This is my favourite.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

fred and sharon rule...

I love this.

Im not sure why I do but I just do. I especially like the great 'animations' these guys can offer too.

Shame their own official site doesnt take their business further!

hacking digital billboards

This is very cool. An artist known as “Skullphone”(great name) has hacked into a load of Clear Channel’s digital billboards in the States to display his skull imagery.

Takes subverting advertising spaces to a whole new level and almost creates an illegal propaganda campaign on a massive scale using high impact platforms simultaneously, I imagine this would be the kind of stuff Banksy would do if he lived in the world of Blade Runner.

Could this be the start of an age where graf/street/urban (whatever you want to call it) artists can take their messages/artwork and literally take over official brand spaces in an instant, rather than having to incorporate messages within pre-existing advertising using spray paint or stencils?

This could be a bad thing as there have been some funny results from ads that have been tinkered with in an old school way

Via: digicynic

Friday, 28 March 2008

Tron Swede

Uploaded by freres-hueon

This is one of the best Swede’s ive ever seen.
More of this please!

PM Brown on Twitter!?

This surely this has to be the point when Twitter finally goes main stream? No doubt we will see Dave, Boris, Ken etc. signing up to the service very soon.

On a separate note, ive started following the Big Man Brown but he hasn’t followed me back which is annoying!! There is nothing more annoying when you follow a brand/company/(important)person and they don’t follow you back, im not sure what it is but it grates, it feels as though there needs to be an unwritten rule or a code of conduct for companies/politicians etc who use Twitter.

Brown should take a leaf out of Obama’s book, my mate Kylie followed Obama and within 3 minutes Obama was following her back.

Via Digital Agency

Friday, 14 March 2008

the guitar zeros

These dudes rock!...well not really but you have to love the ingenuity of doing something like this! I think its great and I hope to see loads more hacks like this.

I know this isn’t the first time anyone’s hacked a games console controller and it certainly wont be the last, but the difference here is the that they haven’t just turned what is essentially a remote control into…another remote control…

Thursday, 13 March 2008

pot noodle viral

Just been sent this spoof viral of Guinness’s Tipping Point ad.

Im not impressed at all. Was it me or did anyone else want to close it down way before it even reached the end?

I love spoof ads when done well, off the top of my head there are loads of good spoof ads like Tango’s spoof of Bravia and the spoof viral for VW’s small but tough Polo (not sure if this counts as it wasn’t created by VW?) and especially liked this random spoof of Bravia (well actually not sure how good it really is but just made me chuckle, think maybe it's the Gareth from The Office type character)

I think my issues with this is that has taken far too long for the viral to be released (correct me if im wrong, I have literally just seen this in Campaign today?) to make a decent impact as the original Guinness ad felt new and exciting months and months ago? They obviously wanted to make the domino effect of the mechanics look clumsy to reflect the “slag of all snacks” nature of the brand but this makes it just dull to watch, with no believability that this could actually happen in real life and there feels like no point in watching as you kinda get the gist of the ad in the first 10 seconds and know in the back of your mind its not going to get any more interesting or intriguing to watch.

Surely if you’re going to do a spoof ad, you should then make it worth while and most importantly make it more interesting/funnier than the original!!??

Monday, 10 March 2008

I (heart) Tweet Scan

Tweet Scan is awesome.
I know Twitter offer their own tracking system but we’ve tried it via IM and well….its crap and doesn’t seem to work very well.

Tweet Scan is a really nice, free and easy way to instantly track public Tweets on anything and everything and it actually works too. Woo hoo!

Friday, 7 March 2008

no reception...

some things in life are better because, they just are. i.e. toast tastes better cut into triangles NOT squares etc.

realised that offices are just instantly better without a "reception" area; just more welcoming, friendly and instantly inclusive. poor sod that sits closest to the door (Alina in our case!).

Thursday, 6 March 2008

best music video of the far

Quite possibly one of the best music videos ive seen for a while!!!
Check out the video for Justice’s track DVNO; am absolutely loving the old school 80’s logos, reminds me of being a kid, watching cartoons like He-Man, Mask etc. with all the cheesy production company logos at the end of the toon. What a great idea and looks stunning.

Not sure what else to say other than awesome. Oh yeah…buy the album as it truly ROCKS too!!

Brilliant – stumbled upon this site documenting people matching random bank notes from around the world to famous celebrity faces.

My personal favorite...Dr Evil!

Thursday, 28 February 2008


Ive just recently read about Rivals4Ever and Outquib on Mashable.

These interesting little social networks have been built purely for people to go online and join/start debates comparing products/people/services and anything really.

These sites are geared towards debating everything from “Dominoes vs Pizza Hut” to “Does Might Make it Right? – America’s Global Role”.

With news of specialist business network; Linkedin trebling its audience in 2007, another interesting thought is that with all this “Facebook Fatique” going about, could specialist social communities like Outquib, Linkedin, Sagaworld etc. start to really grow and replace the mass market social networks like Facebook because people seem to want a clear reason to go to a community now (“because I want to network for my business”, “because I am an oldy looking for other like minded oldies”, “because I want to debate and argue about my football team” etc.) rather than be mindlessly bombarded with “do you want to be a pirate/zombie/ninja” messages when actually all you wanted to do was keep in touch with mates?

Just a thought?

Friday, 15 February 2008

This is one of the funniest things ive stumbled upon in a long, long time.
Check out Bad Gass’s casebook of all London’s best tasty chicken joints with special attention to the innovative brand names and distinctive signage…

I love it…im annoyed that my personal favorite, “Original Taste” in Bow is not included in the list though. Boo.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tossing Off...

Take one camera,
Take one photo subject,
Set the camera to timer function,
Depress the shutter button,
Then simply chuck the camera (and try to catch it!) and see the results!

Welcome to Camera Tossing!! A stupidly simple (and potentially expensive) way to get some really nice long-exposure shots with loads of weird lines and squiggles!! Nice.

There some great examples on Flickr here.

Friday, 11 January 2008


Ive just seen this trailer for Street Fighter 4….looks stunning.
Also check out some initial in-game footage of it too.
Im glad they have kept the old-school 2D looking manga characters and not gone all hyper real which would have taken away the magic of the original Streetfighter series.

No idea when this is out, Capcom are keeping shtum…I cant wait!!!


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Facebook helping people in difficult times...

Happy New Year!!!
Hope you had a good Xmas break.

I just wanted to share some very sad news which has got me thinking about social networks on another scale.
One of Emma’s old school friends tragically died in a fatal car accident during the Christmas break, this has obviously shocked and deeply saddened all family and friends that were closed to her.
The day after she passed away all her friends united to create a personal group on Facebook in memory of her. This group now has over 200 friends who have all joined together as a mark of respect, the page has been set up to give friends & family a platform to inform people about the funeral, allow friends to post photos and generally act as a central platform allowing all friends and family to connect and share memories of their friend.

Letting friends and families know about a death is a painful process, using a social network it becomes an instant way of letting people around the world know about the death and communicating dates, times and places for the funeral. Not only has it made this painful process faster but Emma’s friend now has a permanent, central page where friends and family all over the world can access and share memories together.

Not really sure why I posted about this as its not the nicest of subjects, but Ive never thought about how important social networks can be in helping friends and family unite at such difficult times.