Friday, 4 July 2008


Ive just read about a new service called Pinger.
Pinger basically allows you to dial a UK number and leave a short voice message then send the message on to any number of your mobile contacts in one go.
Sounds like a nifty piece of kit and Andy at Playpen explains how he can see the service being used as a form of voice Twitter. Im not so sure and when I think about it I really don’t see the use of this.

Firstly if I had voice messages for every Tweet that I get in a day it would do my head in! the nice thing about Twitter is that you can quickly scan Tweets to see whats going on in the Twitter world. Also, Twitter allows you to simply share useful links via tinyurl, imagine mumbling a url down the phone while your mate scrambles to find a pen to jot down the interesting link, nice.
I think it’s a nice idea but im not sure about it becoming a voice form of Twitter and I don’t really see the need for it generally as if you need to let a load of your mates know where you are, simply text, no hassle with having to bumble your way through a message.

I may be totally off the mark and it becomes an overnight success and everyone will point and laugh at me.

(rant over)


Charles Frith said...

I completely agree. Twitter has made this service obsolete. Good call.

Andy Polaine said...

I agree it sounds like a nightmare of yet more contactability (made-up word...) and voice spam. But although I couldn't see myself using it, I could see it being used by the teen and tween age-group, both in social and anti-social ways. I'm not banking on it being a runaway success though - I think it's possibly a good example of why one form or communication doesn't necessarily translate across to another.