Monday, 20 October 2008

Little (Expensive) Big Planet

Oh dear, (literally) every copy of PlayStation 3’s Little Big Planet will need to be recalled and re-printed.

Quite interesting though that an entire release has been recalled due to a single forum post.
As a client you can look at this two ways, great example of harnessing the power of peer to peer to anticipate issues further down the line or simply an (expensive) annoyance that may not have been spotted/highlighted in days of old 1.0.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Maybe im missing something here but - this is quite possibly the most useless ‘web experience’ ive ever encountered?

What is the point of this? Its just a poor rip-off of Nike Chain which was produced brilliantly and was enjoyable to watch and get involved with – this however is not.

I really, really like the stuff FON and BT are doing in a greater sense - in fact i think its an awesome initiative and I really hope it takes off.