Friday, 19 December 2008

Behold the Yamaha Tenori-on

I saw a band play last night at a gig we were putting on for our client.
The highlight of the gig was a girl called Little Boots. You may not have heard of her yet but you will, she’s awesome. The most amazing part of her performance was the instrument she plays; The Yamaha Tenori.
Its basically a digital instrument that sequences sounds that you control using a light board, the interface of the instrument is totally visual.

One of the best things ive ever seen.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Entertainment Brands

Something that’s been burning a hole into our brains this morning is the question over when/if a brand that facilitates entertainment is an ‘entertainment brand’ in itself?
For example, would Apple now be deemed as an entertainment brand as its become one of the largest distributors of music in the world or is Hulu just a platform to view video content online as opposed to an entertainment brand in itself?

Apple is clearly rooted as a technology brand but im sure if you ask most people on the street if they consider Apple to be a gateway of entertainment then im sure they would agree. I guess the question is when does a facilitator or provider of entertainment content become and entertainment brand in its own right?

Does a brand have to produce entertainment content to be considered an entertainment brand? That would discount the likes of Apple, You Tube, E4 (pretty sure they commission all content?) etc. as they all are essentially providers not creators. But if you count Apple as an entertainment brand, down to the popularity of iTunes, you would then need to count HMV as an entertainment brand which in my mind doesn’t ring true!?

Bit of a rambling post but its slowly churning my brain….!

Twit Or Fit?

Excellent someone’s created “Twit Or Fit”. Essentially using the same principles of the dozens of “Rate My” sites and mashing them with actual Twitter profiles.
You can only vote if you register with them. A little nerdy but quite funny.