Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Mickys Fish Bar

I recently found one of the best chippies in London.
It’s Micky’s Fish Bar in Paddington. I love it because it’s honest, their cod batter is light and fluffy, the chips are perfectly plump, they have good mushy peas and most importantly there always seems to be a decent number of “crispy chip bits” (those little, slightly over-cooked chip ends) in any chip portion.

Well worth a visit next time you’re hungry and in that part of town.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

more digital buildings!

Following on from my post below about how the world would generally be a better place if more buildings became interactive and ‘digital’…
Ive just stumbled upon Dexia Towers via the Hyper Blog. The Dexia Tower is a project being carried out in Brussels by the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium who have converted the skyscraper into Digital Weather Tower that changes colour and pattern to reflect tomorrow’s weather, i.e. Red lights indicating 6 degrees or higher than today etc. Another great example of making use of iconic city buildings and using them to do something more than just ‘being an office block’.