Thursday, 26 June 2008

Interesting 2008

Been meaning to write this earlier this week but its been mental!!!

I had the pleasure of attending my first Interesting last Saturday with some mates from work and it was, well, very interesting!
Im told by a mate that this year was even more focused on getting interesting people that we really would never have heard of, last year I think they had some more famous faces, especially from the bloggersphere; which made the whole event even more interesting and unexpected! no long talks on future of comms/marketing etc. all quick firing random, very interesting people talking about everything from coin design to handmade scotch eggs!

It was an early start for a Saturday morning but well worth it. Was nice to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen for a while and very odd kind of recognizing people from pictures on twitter etc.

I haven’t got time to go into the event in too much detail here but you can see all speakers and event details over here anyway. But if you haven’t been and missed last Saturday, definitely worth going next year!!

Thanks to all involved for making it an awesome day! – Conway Hall is a great venue too, felt like being back at school assembly.

Highlights for me;

“sign in” table
Radiohead Nude remix
Coin design
Food Map
Graphic design and music
Funny words
Toilets around the world
Digestives shaped as “T”’s
The Final Countdown

Monday, 16 June 2008

Google continue the Net Neutrality fight

Google have further weighed into the whole net neutrality debate with the announcement that they are going to be providing web users the tools they need to detect for themselves if their connection is being messed with by their ISP’s.

I think this is a bold and positive move form Google in the fight for net neutrality, but I have a bad feeling this wont be a big enough move to make a real difference as I feel the vast majority of people wont have the inclination to fight a battle that has been seemingly low in profile outside of tech circles. However, I hope I’ll be proved wrong and this does indeed turn from a small groundswell movement to a full blown wave of protest!!