Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Guardian and VW - Film Map

The Guardian and VW have teamed up to create an interactive “Film Map”.
The Film Map allows you to search a database of films either via actors, directors, genre, country etc. and then visually maps out the links between films by either same actor, same director, same genre etc.

Its just a really simple and engaging way of visualizing a movie database and the links between films.

VW seem to be really hot at the moment on creating digital comms that easily visualize and sort data, check out their awesome site here, which is a perfect example of collating and distilling tons of info in an easy to use, simple and engaging way.

Monday, 19 May 2008

not magic enough...

Such a shame to read that the ‘magical’ FA Cup final clash between under-dogs Portsmouth and Cardiff attracted record low viewer numbers for an FA Cup Final (just 5 mil).

The finalists had battled away throughout the competition and surprisingly knocked out all the big clubs to reach the final at Wembley last Saturday.

The media had billed this game as proof that the famous ‘magic’ of the FA Cup was not dead; i.e. proving the under-dog can go on to win great things even in this modern age of corporate monster clubs that can afford to have the likes of Shevchenko sat on the bench etc.

However, such a shame to see that this kind of nostalgic ‘magic’ obviously doesn’t mean anything to enough people these days.

3D video out of a piece of paper....

So it looks like this cool new 3D ‘out of paper’ technology is being picked up and used now.
BBC have used the technology to encourage music fans who couldn’t make it to The Big Weekend this year to watch exclusive gigs/interviews with bands via a piece of paper with the printed out logo of BBC Radio 1. See above video of Scott Mills demonstrating it.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Malkovich & Sony team up

Snow Angel
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Sony Vaio have done an interesting piece of digital comms.
They’ve teamed up with John Malkovitch who wrote the first scene for a short movie then Sony invited people to write the remaining scenes of the film for Malkovitch to shoose the winning entries. The pieced together script has been turned into a nice little animated short film…well worth a watch, just for the amazing animation alone.

the Sony site is here

via: Yellow Tutu

As Seen On TV!!!!!

Ive been meaning to upload this photo for weeks but hadn’t got round to it.So glad Somerfield re-assure their shoppers before they choose to buy into the Coca-Cola brand.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Social Network Wars

Brilliant! Very funny video ripping it out of social networks. Worth a laugh….