Tuesday, 1 April 2008

hacking digital billboards

This is very cool. An artist known as “Skullphone”(great name) has hacked into a load of Clear Channel’s digital billboards in the States to display his skull imagery.

Takes subverting advertising spaces to a whole new level and almost creates an illegal propaganda campaign on a massive scale using high impact platforms simultaneously, I imagine this would be the kind of stuff Banksy would do if he lived in the world of Blade Runner.

Could this be the start of an age where graf/street/urban (whatever you want to call it) artists can take their messages/artwork and literally take over official brand spaces in an instant, rather than having to incorporate messages within pre-existing advertising using spray paint or stencils?

This could be a bad thing as there have been some funny results from ads that have been tinkered with in an old school way

Via: digicynic

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