Thursday, 28 February 2008


Ive just recently read about Rivals4Ever and Outquib on Mashable.

These interesting little social networks have been built purely for people to go online and join/start debates comparing products/people/services and anything really.

These sites are geared towards debating everything from “Dominoes vs Pizza Hut” to “Does Might Make it Right? – America’s Global Role”.

With news of specialist business network; Linkedin trebling its audience in 2007, another interesting thought is that with all this “Facebook Fatique” going about, could specialist social communities like Outquib, Linkedin, Sagaworld etc. start to really grow and replace the mass market social networks like Facebook because people seem to want a clear reason to go to a community now (“because I want to network for my business”, “because I am an oldy looking for other like minded oldies”, “because I want to debate and argue about my football team” etc.) rather than be mindlessly bombarded with “do you want to be a pirate/zombie/ninja” messages when actually all you wanted to do was keep in touch with mates?

Just a thought?

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