Monday, 3 November 2008

the Jejune Institute

The Jejune Institute site has all the hall-marks of an ARG, the institute is a pastiche on 70’s design and science with all sorts of odd (Hanso Foundation-like) refrences to happiness and ‘social engineering’.
After a bit of digging it turns out this is actually an art project created by a collective of artists based in San Fransisco, called Oaklandish.
The ‘Institute’ invites people to visit their practice in person for an ‘initiation’ and it turns out you can and people have done this, which essentially takes you around San Fransisco and you explore the city for street art and clues. The detailed post on this is all here.

This has to be one of very few non marketing-initiated ARG’s and fair play to ‘em, will be interesting to see what happens with this.
found by Kylie.

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