Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Facebook helping people in difficult times...

Happy New Year!!!
Hope you had a good Xmas break.

I just wanted to share some very sad news which has got me thinking about social networks on another scale.
One of Emma’s old school friends tragically died in a fatal car accident during the Christmas break, this has obviously shocked and deeply saddened all family and friends that were closed to her.
The day after she passed away all her friends united to create a personal group on Facebook in memory of her. This group now has over 200 friends who have all joined together as a mark of respect, the page has been set up to give friends & family a platform to inform people about the funeral, allow friends to post photos and generally act as a central platform allowing all friends and family to connect and share memories of their friend.

Letting friends and families know about a death is a painful process, using a social network it becomes an instant way of letting people around the world know about the death and communicating dates, times and places for the funeral. Not only has it made this painful process faster but Emma’s friend now has a permanent, central page where friends and family all over the world can access and share memories together.

Not really sure why I posted about this as its not the nicest of subjects, but Ive never thought about how important social networks can be in helping friends and family unite at such difficult times.

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