Thursday, 13 March 2008

pot noodle viral

Just been sent this spoof viral of Guinness’s Tipping Point ad.

Im not impressed at all. Was it me or did anyone else want to close it down way before it even reached the end?

I love spoof ads when done well, off the top of my head there are loads of good spoof ads like Tango’s spoof of Bravia and the spoof viral for VW’s small but tough Polo (not sure if this counts as it wasn’t created by VW?) and especially liked this random spoof of Bravia (well actually not sure how good it really is but just made me chuckle, think maybe it's the Gareth from The Office type character)

I think my issues with this is that has taken far too long for the viral to be released (correct me if im wrong, I have literally just seen this in Campaign today?) to make a decent impact as the original Guinness ad felt new and exciting months and months ago? They obviously wanted to make the domino effect of the mechanics look clumsy to reflect the “slag of all snacks” nature of the brand but this makes it just dull to watch, with no believability that this could actually happen in real life and there feels like no point in watching as you kinda get the gist of the ad in the first 10 seconds and know in the back of your mind its not going to get any more interesting or intriguing to watch.

Surely if you’re going to do a spoof ad, you should then make it worth while and most importantly make it more interesting/funnier than the original!!??

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