Monday, 24 September 2007

Sir Norman Foster to give Barcelona's ground a "Second Skin"

Ive just seen Sir Norman Foster’s new plans for the “Second Skin” to be built around Barcelona’s Nou Camp.
From the model, I think it looks amazing, the “Second Skin” is going to be made from thousands of multi coloured tiles in Barca’s famous Blue, Gold and Red colours which really look impressive and does make the stadium look like a beautiful but deadly coiled snake wrapped around their fantastic ground.

I love the Arsenal’s Emirates stadium and its just as impressive viewing the ground from Hornsey Road as it is from my seat inside, but this bold commission from Barcalona sums up the pomp and self belief of arguably one of the greatest football clubs in the world to create a stadium designed but someone like Foster that really stands out and looks like no other modern ground in the world.

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