Thursday, 30 August 2007

my blogs bigger than yours

After reading an article about "what virals can do for your brand” on Marketing Week I stumbled upon this amazing viral on You Tube.

Im not sure if it actually was created by “Scott” and “Brad” but I think its genius, I love the up yours tone of voice to the entire thing. I have a sneaky feeling it was created by someone in the industry though.

I wish I could wheely like that.


Charles Frith said...

That's a great find. It does seem to be a mash up viral of dan le sac vs scroobius pip (music video) and that ray ban viral.

Either way its great. I just did a post about it. Thanks.

gen said...

Cheers Charles!
Ive just seen that Ray Ban viral on your blog, brilliant!
I love that Dan Le Sac tune, it reminds me of the whole Trainspotting "Choose life..." tone of voice.