Saturday, 14 February 2009

Its been ages...

I haven't posted anything on here since December.

I cant really excuse the fact that its been radio silence from me for over 2 months but I think I may attribute it to a combination of work load and also me leaning towards using Twitter as my main blogging platform.

I know Twitter in its purest form is meant to simply let your friends know what you are doing so from the inane "ordering a coffee" to more complex short-form reportage from seminars etc. However, I feel like we are all now using it more of a news feed platform, sharing interesting links, thoughts and re-tweeting interesting posts. I didnt start this blog to hammer out long, rambling thoughts on marketing, media, comms etc. I started it to share stuff that excites me and the stuff that interests me. I guess what im trying to say is that one of the real reasons why im blogging less is down Twitter making it far easier for me to share the stuff i love.

(blimey that was quite rambling)

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