Monday, 23 July 2007

fun in the sun with Accenture

Why do I get a warm feeling inside when I think of brands like Accenture and UBS?
These aren’t normally the type of brands that you would expect to feel “warm” inside when thinking about and I think I may now realize why I get this feeling any time I see these giant corporate monsters.

I am so used to being exposed to these two brands (and other similar ones) when im either at an airport check-in on my way off on a nice holiday to a sandy beach or in a hotel room when watching CNN.

I know this is no revelation or colossal insight but I just think its interesting how a consumer can have a totally different take on a brand to anything that their marketing department would ever want someone to take out from their communications, or is this their plan? By using obvious business people’s touch points like airports and hotels they are also benefiting from a halo effect for the non-business traveller?

Sorry no real structure to this thought but I just needed to verbalise it to try and help me understand what im trying to get at?!

Ramble over...


dead insect said...

accenture's "being a tiger" = my most hated corporate sponsorship ever, but I bet it's quite an effective one.

lovebox weekend was immense! how's it going?


gen said...

that was quick!? congratulations you have left the 1st comment on this blog!

shame i couldnt make lovebox this year!! (weddings!)

im good thanks, hope all is cool in the free world and good luck with it all! would be good go for a beer some time soon, sorry couldnt make your leaving drinks last week!

keep in touch.